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Spannocchia is a multi-faceted agricultural estate set in the gorgeous Tuscan hills and Alto Mersa Nature Reserve in Italy, 12 miles southwest of Siena. Through an Italian non-profit (the Associazione), an Italian agritourism and farm business (the Tenuta), and a supporting US-based non-profit (Friends of Spannocchia), Spannocchia preserves an ancient form of life in Tuscany that is based on community, respect for tradition, and a responsible use of resources. Our primary mission is for the estate to serve as an international model and education center for sustainable practices.

For more than twenty years, our blended community of Americans and Italians has hosted interns from around the world to learn about regenerative agriculture, sustainable food systems, and the cultural traditions of Tuscany. Our interns have become ambassadors of conservation and continue to employ the practices they learned at Spannocchia in their communities, professions, and daily lives. Through the generous support of members and donors, our non-profit entities are able to provide this and other memorable educational programming for visitors of all ages. At Spannocchia, we believe sharing our knowledge is just as important as preserving and protecting our natural environment.

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