Pacific Forest Trust –

Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) works to change the way our forests are managed, financed and conserved, beyond reliance on timber and other fiber products. The organization is driven by its dedication to creating a society that values and pays for all the vital good that our forest ecosystems provide – wood, water, wildlife, wonder and a well-balanced climate.
PFT delivers landscape-scale forest conservation in the West and develops innovative incentives for forest conservation at the national level. This is done in ways that reward private landowners, boost local economies, and restore resilient forest ecosystems. PFT has pioneered the creation and implementation of economic incentives for ecosystem services—from conservation easements to carbon credits—and continues to lead innovation in this area.
Headquartered in the verdant Presidio of San Francisco, PFT is a group of savvy, entrepreneurial-minded scientists, ecologists, policy experts, business innovators, economists, outdoor enthusiasts and communicators. PFT has satellite offices in Sacramento and Mt. Shasta City, California, and Portland, Oregon.

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